Virtual Reality Development and the Current Trends

For the past couple of years, the fairly niche industry of Virtual Reality has massively prospered and it will not be long before it becomes a ubiquitous global presence in the exact same way in which the smartphone has.

Actually, looking at recent news from the realm of virtual reality, it is clear that we’re already taking our first steps into a new, virtual reality driven world. Here are a few of the most recent reality trends that give us a glimpse of a future.

High-octane Gaming Spouse

Obviously, the first thing that most men and women consider when they learn about contemporary virtual reality equipment and software is the area of video games. The Oculus Rift along with the HTC Vive have dominated the market and both are primarily employed by game enthusiasts. Today, Sony and Microsoft are getting in on the action due to their console systems.

Up to now, the only prohibitive factor between virtual reality being the video gaming standard is that the cost — not only will a great headset price more than $500, but the gaming computer required to run it is not exactly pocket change, either.

Currently, 3D IMAX movies would be the closest we could get to a truly all-encompassing movie experience, but even then you know that you are watching a film.

There’s obvious possibility for Hollywood and personal filmmakers alike to capitalize on classical reality abilities to provide cinemagoers an unprecedented level of immersion.

Going beyond just vision and sound, this year’s Tribeca Film Festival already gave us a sneak preview of the future of theater might involve. The movie Unrest allowed them to go through the story of a victim of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and put Tribeca viewers.

The prospect of virtual reality in Hollywood is evident — imagine a movie where you’re literally playing the role of a character and seeing the events of this story through their eyes! It’s 1 thing to have the capabilities and another for Hollywood to understand how to use them appropriately.

Virtual Reality Online Casinos

Even if you don’t gamble yourself, then you can’t help but have noticed that the internet casino market is absolutely profitable. Because the early 2000s, online casino applications has become more sophisticated and as payment methods are becoming secure and more trusted, online casinos and online poker has gone from strength to strength.

Today, several online casinos even offer Live Dealer games like roulette or Texas Hold’em where a real dealer will run various casino games via webcam. As such it is no surprise to anybody in that market, or really the reality industry, that virtual reality technology is being applied to the sphere of casino games that are online.

Net Entertainment is one of the largest names in the realm of internet slots, having grown literally dozens of award winning games that are a number of the world’s most popular. They announced they were starting the process of starting their digital reality slot machine.

Advertising Revolutionized

If you’re a cynical anti-capitalist then you’ll have already thought of that, but needless to as virtual reality becomes a big platform for engagement of consumers throughout the amusement industry then it also becomes a large platform for promotion and content advertising. It’s already started.

This year, Jaguar was the official automobile of the Wimbledon tennis championship and used virtual reality to showcase this, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to fly to Centre Court from the shoes of British champion Andy Murray. Other car dealers have gotten on the virtual reality advertising activity, and we can hope to see this develop over time

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