Tourism welcomes Virtual Reality

Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world but your pocket’s just not yet ready? Introducing, the dawn of Virtual Reality!

Photos became the main way in sharing experiences of people around the world especially
through social medias and has been the best marketing tool ever since the evolution of
businesses. As technology continues to improve, more and more companies are beginning to see the possibilities of using virtual reality.

Have you seen the photos with a compass icon on your news feed? With the ongoing hype on Facebook’s Oculus Rift, the company has introduced a much more accessible way for people to share great moments and use immersive images using spherical photographs with the help of panoramic photo apps or a 360 camera. By clicking on the image and tilting your phone, one can experience and view destinations by being “virtually there”. Using Greenlight VR’s research, statistic shows that out of the current uses of VR (gaming, movies, home design, live events, etc.), consumers have expressed most interest in travel and adventure with over 74% vote from its respondents followed by 67% for Movies, Videos, and Live Events and 66% for Home Design.

Using this information, Philippines did not hesitate to use this new median when their
Department of Tourism recently took over London’s Waterloo Station as a marketing ground last April 24, 2016 for their one month campaign entitled “Visit Philippines Again 2016”. It featured a special immersive zone using Virtual Reality to provide a unique way to show how “it’s more fun in the Philippines”. The commuters enjoyed the experience and received instant prizes as well as a chance to win a free holiday trip by taking foot selfies using floor stickers mapped around the station concourse. “The tourist arrivals to The Philippines for 2016 has already reached record numbers this year, growing by over 20% in February alone, and with such a vast variety of cultural and musical events, adventure and beach holidays and the Philippines being home to the most beautiful island in the world – Palawan – we are sure that there are many reasons to keep coming back to the Philippines” informs Gerard O. Panga,Tourism Attaché and Director for Northern and Southern Europe.

The event’s success did not only provide a new way to sell an intangible product but gave way to how the Tourism industry can take and guide anyone anytime, anywhere around the world.

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